SR-2S, the two shaft type semi-automatic rewinding machine.
It’s suitable for rewind aluminum foil, PE/PVC cling film.
The stable heavy duty frame work makes it affordable for finished paper core’s I.D. up to 25-76 mm.
And the mother roll available width is from 200-500 mm.
SR-2S two-shaft type aluminum foil / cling film rewinding machine has a brake system.
It controls the brake strength precisely.
Users can look over values of brake output and the weight of a single roll anytime.
Users can set the ideal deceleration points for every stage of speed beforehand.
It’s only need to adjust speed; the machine will adjust deceleration point accord to settings afterwards.
SR-2S has an automatic cutting function and fixed feeding after cutting function.
It’s convenience for users to paste the stickers onto paper cores.
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Raw Material Aluminium foil / Cling film
Mother roll outer diameter 700 mm(Max)
Mother roll inner core diameter 3” (76 mm)
Mother roll available width 200 - 500 mm
Material thickness 9 - 20 micron
Length of the finished products 5 - 1000 m
Finished roll outer diameter 150 mm (Max.)
Finished paper roll inner core diameter 25 - 76 mm
Finished paper roll length 210 mm - 520 mm
Speed 500 M/min (Max.)
Installed power 4.5 KW
Compressed air 0.5 - 0.8 Mpa
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 3ph
Dimensions L x W x H 1650 x 1550 x 1350 mm
Net weight 1500 kg