AH-6S, the six shaft type automatic rewinding machine.
It’s designed for rewind aluminum, PE and PVC cling film.
The feeding press roller is carried with precise pressure manometer and regulating valve.
Movements include automatic feeding material, automatic cutting and unloading the finished product.
This model has automatic length correcting function. It can correct the margin of product length anytime.
There are 2 type of mother roll width for AH-6S: from 250-450 mm, and from 300-500 mm.
The product length is from 3-250 meters, the finished paper core’s I.D. can be appointed within 25-38 mm.
Users can choose to equip label sticker device and hot melt glue device with machine.
They will make product more perfect.
Stably fix the material on the paper core, neatly produce product with smooth edge.
Machine brings you a huge benefit in the way you need.
Welcome to consult machine with us. We will at your service.


Model AH-6S(250-450) AH-6S(300-500)
Raw Material Aluminum foil / PE.PVC food wrapping film
Mother roll outer diameter 700 mm (Max.)
Mother roll inner core diameter 3” (76 mm)
Mother roll available width 250 - 450 mm 300 - 500 mm
Material thickness 9 - 20 micron
Length of the finished products 3 - 250 Meter
Finished roll outer diameter 80 mm(Max.)
Finished paper roll inner core diameter 25 - 38 mm
Finished paper roll length 255 - 470 mm 305 - 520 mm
Speed 500 M/min (Max.)
Installed power 7 KW (no glue) / 11 KW (glue)
Compressed air 0.5 - 0.8 Mpa
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 3ph
Dimensions L x W x H 2450 x 2100 x 2000 mm
Net weight 2500 kg